8 Amazing crocheted Japanese dolls

Amigurumi is a Japanese word resulted from the fusion of two words; Ami that signifies the adjective crocheted or knitted + Nuigurumi meaning the stuffed doll. It...

The Dragon scale gloves with a new crotchet

source : boredpanda.com / by Crochet Rox   Open Next Page BELOW To See More

Jewelry Dishes as Yin Yang are Crocheted On Rope

The Yin Yang Jewelry Dishes are crocheted made on rope , which makes the very beautiful sight to see .Easy to make;only use any old material that you have at home ,...

Ohhio Braid A Best New Material For Stylish, Chunky Knits

Through several generations, hand crafted decoration making was so difficult to do ,we have met many people who wanted to do it themselves but they couldn’t .because of the advanced learning curve...

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