Through several generations, hand crafted decoration making was so difficult to do ,we have met many people who wanted to do it themselves but they couldn’t .because of the advanced learning curve involved in making an OHHIO -STYLE blanket .

Well , not anymore ,because now with the innovation of BRAID creating a chunky-knit blanket or throw it is more easier than ever.It is a manageable and versatile material .As well as a washable and a vegan one .

In March 2016 the first Braid prototypes was invented.Ever since then , we have tried different diameters , materials for the shell , stuffing materials , also filling density. And then Chaos followed .

The instant , and the final repetition of Braid has the optimal combination of a flexible cotton shell that stretches and bends without bunching up thanks to elastane , and the softest siliconized micro hollow fiber that keeps it light , warm and washable.
We are pretty proud of it .

Making of Braid Throw

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